Transformateurs / transformers - Small Power Switching Transformers - FAMILLE 70E30 H

CASE VERSION Power up to 35 W

These transformers are fitted with high-permeability ferrite cores E30 size, and are designed for use in
flyback or forward converters AC-DC as well DC-DC. Typical applications are low power/low cost
power supplies in:

* household appliances
* domotic appliances
* office equipment: computers, fax, printers, etc.
* battery chargers
* power supply in TVC, VCR and audio equipment.


Technical Data

As there are many variables in the construction of such transformers and they are generally
manufactured according to the customer's specifications, in the following only the general features
and the design guide-lines are listed.

* Input Voltage: 170 - 265 Vac
* Output Voltage: 5 - 12 - 24 V
* Pins arrangements: A-B
* Output power: up to 35 W
* Switching frequency: up to 100 kHz
* Overtemperature of the windings: < 55°C
* Max. windings temperature: 115°C
* Test voltage insulation primary and bias to
secondary winding(s): 3.75 kV - 50 Hz, 2 sec
* Test voltage primary to bias winding:
500 V - 50 Hz, 2 sec
* Resin filled
* Approx. weight: 57 g

The inductance is measured at 10 kHz, 1V
Bias winding if requested.

The transformers are designed and tested in accordance with EN 138100; EN 60938-1
The cases are of flame-retardant plastic material in accordance with UL 94V-0