Selfs - Saturable Noise Suppression Chokes - FAMILLE 43H32 43H42

CASE VERSION Voltage 250 Vac
Current 4 to 10 A

These chokes are fitted with high-permeability toroid core (ferrite). They are used as suppressor noises
(line filters) in appliances where an inductive load is fed through thyristors or triacs (e g motors).


Types Code Rated curent A Rated inductance mH DC resistance per (typical) Ω Approx. Weight g
43H32 43H42 43H32 40004108034
43H32 800082,21634
43H42 800084,72063
43H42 A000102,22363

Technical Data

Rated current: referred to 250 V-50 Hz and +60°C ambient temperature
Rated inductance: at +20°C and 10 kHz, 0.1 mA.
Inductance tolerance: +50 -30%
DC resistance: at +20°C
Climatic category: DIN GKC (-40 to +125°C; humidity cat. C)

The chokes are designed and tested in accordance with EN 138100; EN 60938-1.
The cases are of flame-retardant plastic material in accordance with UL 94V-0