Selfs - Earth Line Chokes - FAMILLE 21N

OPEN VERSION Current 16 to 36 A

These chokes are made with high-permeability toroid core (ferrite) and insulated copper wire. They are
inserted along the protective earth line in order to eliminate the interference currents proceeding from
electrical appliances.


Types Code Rated current A Rated inductance mH Wire cross section Dimensions - mm Approx. Weight g
A max B max C min
21N 21N22 A600161,212218520
21N42 B000202,21,544221470
21N45 B700271,22,546241175
21N44 C600361,6444201075

Technical Data

Rated current: according to EN 138100; EN 60938-1
Rated inductance: at +20°C and 10 kHz, 0.1 mA.
Inductance tolerance: +50% -30%
Climatic category: DIN GKF (-40° to +125°C; humidity class F)
The chokes are designed and tested in accordance with EN 138100; EN 60938-1