Selfs - Storage Chokes High-stability - FAMILLE 57H22-57V25 57H27-57V30

CASE VERSION Current 2 to 6 A

These chokes are made with a toroid core in molypermalloy powder (MPP).
Compared with the iron powder (IP) storage chokes, the MPP types have smaller dimensions, lower
inductance loss and better saturation conditions.
They are mainly used in switched-mode power supplied. They can also be used as RFI suppressors.


Types Horizontal Vertical Rated curent per A Rated inductance per µH DC resistance ( typical) mΩ Approx. Weight g Approv.
Code Code
57H22-57V25 57H27-57V30 57H22 200057V25 2000215010010
57H27 400057V30 400041506018
57H27 600057V30 600061505024

Technical Data

Rated current: referred to 250 V-50 Hz and +60°C ambient temperature
Rated inductance: at +20°C and 10 kHz, 0.1 mA
Inductance tolerance: ± 20%
DC resistance: at +20°C
Climatic category: DIN GKC (-40 to +125°C; humidity cat. C)
Approval VDE

The chokes are designed and tested in accordance with EN 138100; EN 60938-1
The cases are of flame-retardant plastic material in accordance with UL 94V-0