Les types de Self "Earth Line Chokes"

Electrical equipment often originates asymmetrical interferences, appearing between power supply cords and ground, wich flow to the ground through the earth conductor of the equipment.

For interference suppression, the use of capacitors is often insufficient, and the current-compensated chokes which could be alternatively used are too big and heavy, as the electrical consumption of the appliances can be up to 1kW.

Thus an earth line choke can effectively be used, inserted along the ground line of the equipment.

EN 138100 safety norms require the windings of these coils to have a copper section not less than the section of the earth line. They also dictate that, with a load greater than 4 times the nominal current, voltage drop must not exceed 4V. To prevent errors and misapplication, only 4 nominal current values have been approved, with their relative wire sections: 16 A for 1 sq mm - 20 A for 1.5 sq mm - 27 A for 2.5 sq mm - 36 A for 4 sq mm.

During nominal operation the earth line choke only takes the dispersion current (<3.5 mA) and low magnetization therefore allows high permeability (ferrite), small-sized cores to be used. 

Liste des familles de Earth Line Chokes