Les types de Self "ISDN Common Mode Chokes"

In the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) serious RFI problems can arise, due to the high speed digital codes used (4B3T and 2B1Q), so that special inductive devices are required to suppress interference and noise on the connecting telephone lines.

The current-compensated chokes produced by Radiohm for two wire and four-wire telephone lines are designed to offer the following features:

• wide range of inductance values;
• high interferences attenuation on an extended frequency range;
• small size plastic packages with standardized connection for PCB insertion;
• low cost due to the ferrite cores and to the well-proven manufacturing process.

Liste des familles de ISDN Common Mode Chokes

46H14 46V15 
46H17 46V18 
47H14 47V15