Our activitynew tunirama

Our current business revolves around two main niches: • the magnetic components (inductors, transformers ...)
• Switches and potentiometers (linear and rotary) We handle the customer record from start to finish:
• technical study and proposal of solutions
• Study, design and implementation of the necessary tools (molds, tools shading, control ..)
• Study, design and implementation of all components (boxes and plastic supports, supplements ..)
• Mass production of the finished part, self, transformer or potentiometer.
• qualification tests conform to European standards in force (thermal shock, trying to load, endurance ...) We are also equipped to:
• make the coating cores automatic online
• to gappage our kernels on semi-automatic machine. Our future plans: we plan to expand our business by adding other electrical and electromechanical products to our range. We are currently investigating the establishment of a section sensors (thermal, infrared ...) Also, share our policy, we are open to all opportunities for partnership or outsourcing.