Presentationnew tunirama

VisuelThe Group : New Tunirama is part of Mahjoub Ameur, consisting of a bunch of eleven companies operating in various fields, including mainly the chemical, mechanical and electronic. The group has a total of nearly 400 people for a turnover of 124 MD in 2010. adipiscing.

The company New Tunirama is continuity in time of Tunirama Industry which was established in 1973 on an area of ​​over 8000 sqm. Since its inception, New Tunirama manufactures and markets wound elements of different kinds in accordance with European standards in force. Our clients range in industries telecommunications, electrical, electronic equipment and recently in the automotive industry. 

Our products are mainly wound potentiometers and carbon layer, and magnetic components or self transformers under the brand name Radiohm. We make the standard but also tailor-made according to customer requests. Our current production capacity is 40 million pcs per year, and we intend to reach 70 million soon.

Our philosophy

Armed with 35 years experience in the field, our catalog and the display shows the diversity of our products. Our goal is to combine the experience accumulated over the years with new technologies and concepts of management, marketing and production to ensure our customers a reliable, competitive responding exactly to their expectations. Our complete autonomy with:

  • A technical office with internal laboratory measurement.
  • A plastic injection workshop of 40 injection molding machines of various sizes.
  • A mechanical workshop for the realization of our butt and our tooling molds.
Positions us to respond to any customer waiting in record time and reduce delivery times to a minimum.