Types of Self "Pulse Transformers"

These transformers are wound on high quality ferrite core and are intended for a very wide range of
• firing thyristors and triacs;
• driving bipolar transistor and IGBT;
• driving FET and MOSFET transistors;
• line coupling in high speed data transmission (for the smallest sizes).
Three case sizes are presented, with increasing power rating, so that they can effectively find use as
drivers in any low-to-medium power circuit for control and conversion of electrical energy, where the
following features are requested at the same time:
• high power pulse trasmission capability (high amplitude with proper duration) and low magnetization
• low leakage inductance, wich allows high steepness and short rise time of the wave form;
• low coupling capacitance, so that a good decoupling and immunity to interferences is reached;
• small size, achivied with the use of toroidal core;
• high primary to secondary withstanding voltage by means of a proper wires insulation and rosin
• international standards compliance.

List of family Pulse Transformers